Corpus Christi 

Pin Oak Corpus Christi is an operating, multi-modal bulk liquids terminal that is currently undergoing expansion to handle more liquid products and crude oil exports. The terminal is located on the Corpus Christi Ship Channel neighboring multiple refineries and offers transportation options with direct access to rail, pipeline, truck, and deep-water Suezmax-capable docks. Pin Oak offers a wide range of services to its customers, including light and heavy product storage, blending, and throughput. The terminal will soon be pipeline connected to receive inbound crude oil from West Texas and the Eagle Ford basin, offering shippers optionality to access premium domestic and export markets. Pin Oak is connected to the Union Pacific Railroad for manifest service and has a new property under development for direct connection to the Kansas City Southern Railroad. These assets offer Pin Oak customers many options and flexibility with respect to connectivity, capability and capacity and thereby make Pin Oak a premium market destination for liquid and chemical products.

Pin Oak Corpus Christi, LLC (“POTAC”) is an existing Title V storage and processing facility on the Corpus Christi ship channel.

  • Facility was originally developed to process heavy Venezuelan crude into asphalt; key infrastructure includes:
  • 25 KBPD vacuum distillation upgrader (“VDU”) with 800K bbl of existing storage

Current development profile

  • Over ~3 mm bbls of crude storage under construction
  • Connection to Gray Oak Pipeline currently under way
  • Connections to area crude pipelines serving the Eagle Ford and Permian basins
  • Connections to area storage facilities
  • Construction under way for a newly-built, deep water, SuezMax dock by Q4 2019
  • Development of refined products unit train (direct KCS) that is pipeline connected to Corpus Christi refiners with access to water-borne bbls
  • Access to 3 Class 1 railway unit or manifest solutions

Existing asset profile

  • Existing access to a barge dock (600’ LOA, 35’ draft); access to a deep water dock by Q4 2019
  • Multiple existing pipelines connect POTAC to fence-line neighbors CITGO and Valero
  • Truck connectivity: 2 truck LACT units, weigh-in / weigh-out scales
  • Manifest rail connectivity: 30-car position on Union Pacific spur, with 4 loading/unloading position rack
  • All necessary air, construction and water handling permits are in place
  • Crude or Heavy oil upgrading capacity
  • Bunker blending size tanks for growing Corpus Christi market
  • Asphalt and VTB capable heated tanks