Pin Oak Terminals values the highest standards in operational and employee safety at its Mt. Airy, Louisiana storage facility.

“Safety is Our Priority” directs our goal of providing exceptional customer service to our clients, and it is included in every choice we make as a company. To achieve this goal, we reinforce safety as part of the decision-making process at all levels of Pin Oak Terminals; it is a daily mind-set that fosters awareness of surroundings and risks in any task. All employees are trained in effective ways to identify and communicate safety issues appropriately.

The Safety Department has been developed to meet any challenge that a safety issue may pose. The department is diverse in industry and municipality. Being part of the local community and serving the residents in our area are part of our outreach program. They have helped in the local neighborhoods by patrolling during high water events to ensure that people are not in danger or get them the assistance they need. A major component of safety is collaboration, and Pin Oak Terminals is proud to be part of the thriving St. John the Baptist Parish business community.

We measure and report all safety practices. Daily area audits and work site audits help compile key data to maintain a solid and safe presence for all contractors in construction phase. From the EHS Manager to its Safety Inspectors, the safety of the facility and its people are first and foremost.

Our New Leaves (new hires) at Pin Oak have just completed a rigorous 4-day Safety program to ensure the idea of “Safety is Our Priority” continues to move forward into operation. These classes included OSHA core topics as well as emergency response and incident command.

Our new employees are continuing their training. Their required EHS training is nearly complete and they will be trained on Operations and Emergency Response in the coming weeks…

Rickey Encalade
Vice President of Operations

Further development within Safety and Emergency Response of our New Leaves will include:

  • Industrial Fire School
  • HAZWOPER Responder
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Advance Team Development Program

Currently these new employees are in “Operations” training learning their areas of responsibility and the equipment they will be operating and responsible for.

Continued Focus on "Safety is Our Priority"

Pin Oak Terminals highlights the continued success and focus of its employees on maintaining the highest level of safety each and every day.  Pictured are a group of the Pin Oak EH&S (Environmental, Health and Safety) and Security teams who were recently recognized for their continued efforts at the Mt. Airy Terminal.

All employees at Pin Oak Terminals are dedicated to being leaders in professional safety management for the petrochemical industry.

Equipment Updates

Pin Oak Terminals had a unique fire truck built for our terminal. It is a foam truck, capable of pumping 4000 gallons per minute. It also carries 1000 gal of foam on-board and all the necessary components necessary to extinguish any type of fire on site. We have a cooperative agreement with St John the Baptist Parish to operate as a local fire station in an emergency situation. We are training our personnel to handle emergency situations in the community if needed.

In April 2017 we received a very humbling phone call. Pin Oak Terminals normally responds to emergency situation calls in the community. Just so happen we were the first to be on site of a heart attack. We received a thank you from family members of this individual for our quick  response and professionalism. This is one of our main reasons for partnering with community leaders and getting so involved in our local community. Safety is our priority.

Working with the local community is utmost importance at Pin Oak Terminals.