• Suezmax Dock: 900’ Tanker, LOA 900’, Beam 151’, Moulded Depth 74’, DWT 127,000 tonnes (MT), Six barge berths
  • Capable to flow up to 30,000 bbl per hour flow rates
  • Heated and non-heated dock lines (asphalt  capable)
  • Marine Vapor Recovery System
  • Working on the construction of the second Suezmax dock and adding 8 additional barge berths


  • Internal Floating Roof and Coned Roof tanks to store heated and non-heated products
  • Tanks and dock lines capable of storing and moving asphalt
  • Able to store denatured and undenatured ethanol through an issued Distilled Spirits Permit
  • Capabilities include sparging, heating, blending, nitrogen blanketing, and mixing
  • 30 inch tank laterals allow high load/discharge rates
  • Complex, large diameter pump manifolds designed for speed and optionality
  • Foreign Trade Zone Designated Areas

Truck Rack

  • Fully automated with load rates up to 500 gal / min. for a 15 – 20 min. load time
  • Automated card reader system will be used to control driver credentials, entry, allocations and fungible inventory



  • Colonial/Bengal (Non-HVL Product/Multiple Products)
  • Marathon Garyville-Zachary 20″ (Non-HVL Product/Petroleum Product)
  • Marathon Garyville-St. James 30″ (Crude Oil)
  • Enterprise (NGL/Y-Grade)
  • P66 NGL (Propane Gas/Propane)
  • Acadian Gas Pipeline (Natural Gas)
  • Enterprise/Sorrento (LPG/Propane)
  • Enterprise/Sorrento (LPG/Propane)
  • Enterprise/Sorrento (LPG/Butane & Propane)
  • Enterprise/Cypress Gas (NGL)
  • Gulf South Pipeline Company (Nat Gas)

Close Proximity

  • Maurepas Pipeline (Crude Oil and Refinery Feeds)
  • Ascension Pipeline (Enlink/MPLX: C5 and C4)

Rail Loading / Unloading

  • Pin Oak is capable of constructing both multi-product unit train and manifest rail loading/unloading facilities
  • Design capabilities of unloading up to two unit trains per day
    Unit train and manifest car unloading systems to accommodate a range of products: crude, ethanol, refined products, LPGs, vegetable oils, etc.
  • Steam to heat and unload two unit trains per day of “railbit” and ability to discharge pure bitumen
  • No switching costs as direct connection to Canadian National Railway and Kansas City Southern Railway

Less than one year ago the Pin Oak Terminals Mount Airy site was a grass field. Summer of 2017 marks the startup date where we will bring the dock and the first few tanks into operations while continuing construction of the remaining contracted tanks.

Not only are we building a terminal but we are building a company that is committed to safety, the community, and customer service. While we are focused on getting this project complete, Safety is Our Priority, and we will not lose sight of that. The growth of Pin Oak Terminals is unlimited and I could not be more excited to see what our future brings.

Rickey Encalade
VP of Operations